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PA Systems | Installations

PA systems | Installations

PA systems | Churches

PA systems for Churches have been our key customer for much of our work, during the past 40+ years. We have supplied PA Systems and music systems of all types, in modern and medieval churches, ranging from a tiny church near Chippenham, built in the 11th century to the Pro-Cathedral in Clifton, Bristol. We also install CCTV Systems in Churches, due to the damage/theft experienced by some Customers. These systems also help in personal security of Church staff, as images of visitors can be recorded - please see CCTV section for more details.

We work closely with the PCC, Architect and DAC to ensure that the sound system is in keeping with the surroundings and aesthetics of the building. Most systems comprise a mixer amplifier, with radio microphones and monitor style loudspeakers. An induction Loop System for hearing aid users is a requirement under the Equality Act (2020). We can also supply and install multi channel radio microphones systems and 12 or 24 channel mixers, with fold-back for musicians.

Services which we offer our Church Customers include, sound systems, induction loop system - for hearing aid users - AV System, PA and loudspeaker system, public address system, TV Projector, radio microphones, CCTV, security cameras, wireless microphone and Wireless mixers, from brands including Sennheiser Wireless and Infra Red, Audio-tehnica, TOA, Denon, Viewsonic, Sapphire, Signet-AC, Allen & Heath, JBL pro.

In traditional Churches, we favour JBL loudspeakers and we have been using this company for over 25 years. They offer a complete range of equipment, ranging from small wall-mounted loudspeakers such as the JBL-Control 25AV, to larger monitor loudspeakers, like the JBL Control 28, plus a range of sub-woofers when required. In traditional Churches, where speech reproduction is the priority, we have found the JBL CBT (Controlled Bandwidth Technology) column loudspeakers to be first class, particularly when mounted on stone columns. Their vertical lines blend in with the Church aesthetics very well and they can be painted to match the surrounding stonework.

PA Systems | Public Buildings

We have installed numerous systems in Public Buildings in the area, including Cricklade Town Council, Radstock Museum, Swindon Library, Swindon Job Centre, Clevedon Town Council offices, Bristol University Student Health Services and Tawhill Medical Centre.

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Radstock Museum - this system is used to assist in the AV presentations to visitors to this museum, which celebrates and details the history of mining in the Somerset Coalfields.

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Swindon Library - the system comprises a Cloud multi-zone mixer/amplifier with digital paging zone selection, microphones used to make announcements via 63 ceiling loudspeakers throughout the building.

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Town Council Offices, Clevedon, North Somerset - Secure, Infra Red hearing system in Meeting Rooms.

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Compton Verney, Warwickshire - Induction Loop/Speech Systems in 8 locations.

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