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CCTV | Security

CCTV | Security

CCTV systems are ideal for Churches, Public Buildings or larger private properties.

These can include motion detection via SmartDome cameras, very low light level recording from cameras with built in infra-red illumination, three month's recording in high quality video, via a hard drive recorder and even live pictures directed to your mobile phone or a web browser. We fit analogue and digital systems - IP cameras are easily networked within an existing structured cable or wireless system. Due to the increase in theft and damage to Church property, we are now installing systems which monitor and record visitors to Church premises. 

Creech St. Michael, Somerset

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Junior School.The school has a comprehensive CCTV System, supplied and fitted by Location Sound. When an incident occurred in the car park, during which hydraulic fluid was accidentally sprayed over several cars, we were able to identify when and how this happened. The bin lorry had developed a leak and the insurers covered the cost of repairs.

Creech Church - Security SystemThe Church has a full 4K CCTV System, with a large capacity None Volatile Recorder and Cloud support. The cameras are available 24/7 and have movement sensors with full Infra Red, as you can see.

Organ Monitor System.The organ at this Church is located in the corner, at the West End and the Organist finds it difficult to see the Altar and Pulpit during Services, due to a couple of Pillars.We fitted a small dome camera at high level and the Organist can now clearly see the Nave and Chancel - and the Bride when she comes through the South Door!

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Security and Intercoms

We supply and install digital audio and video intercoms and door entry systems. It is also now possible to integrate Number Plate Recognition entry systems and remote access via data modules.

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