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Sound System Design

Sound System Design

Sound system design is individually planned to suit the acoustics and aesthetics of the building, the Client's requirements and the available budget.

Following a complimentary site survey, we produce a detailed sound system design and costing with options and recommendations.This includes detailed images of equipment positions and the equipment which we recommend, together with hyperlinks to the manufacturers' website.

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Simple or complicated PA systems require the appropriate type of loudspeaker, to maximise their benefit.

Conventional column loudspeakers offer excellent speech quality and are often favoured by architects in Churches, as the physical profile mixes well with the vertical lines of windows and stonework. However, due to limited size of the loudspeaker units fitted, they have frequency limitations, if music is to be introduced into the system.When we are at the planning stage of a new system in a traditional Church which predominantly requires speech coverage, we specify the latest design from JBL, which uses Constant Bandwidth Technology to attain remarkable quality levels, within a narrow profile. Many churches, which include the use of live instruments in their service, prefer to fit monitor type loudspeakers as these reproduce the lower and higher frequency sounds more faithfully. The size of these loudspeakers is such, that they can be mounted at capitol height on stone columns and even painted to match the surrounding stonework. Larger numbers of smaller loudspeakers can be less intrusive both visually and audibly. We use the JBL Control range of monitor loudspeakers extensively.Offices and public buildings often require loudspeakers to be mounted discreetly and there is now an extensive range of speech and speech/music ceiling loudspeaker available, which suit these situations. When music quality reproduction is required, we fit the JBL ceiling loudspeaker, which has excellent reproductive characteristics and can be supplemented with a discreet bass speaker.Most loudspeakers are available in black and white, or can be painted to suit.


Microphones - the link between the human voice and the human ear - are an essential ingredient in any sound system. Location Sound has a vast experience in the use of both hard wired microphones for speech or vocal use and wireless UHF systems which we now use in most systems.

Choice of Microphones is usually budget-driven and we have, over the past 40 years, identified the 'most suitable for purpose' microphones for various types of installation. We use the following microphone manufacturers - Sennheiser, Audio-technica, Trantec, Shure, TOA We have found that the Sennheiser Evolution G4 range is ideally suited to use in churches. These microphones are robust and very reliable and give excellent speech quality. They operate on 2xAA batteries, which can be re-chargeable NiMH.We still use flexible stem, hard wired, microphones in specific situations such as this one in a Church in Tewkesbury, where we arranged fabrication of a brass fitting, with shock absorber, to fit the microphone to the oak Lectern.

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